Salem Connect General Info

Salem Connect
Connect with God's Word and with one another!

"Salem Connect" is a great way to gather with others in a comfortable and non-threatening atmosphere for social fellowship and Bible-based discussion.  Choose from any of the Salem Connect groups below for more information:

Salem Connect ~ Women
Salem Connect ~ Men
Salem Connect ~ Seniors
Frequently Asked Questions about Salem Connect
1. Does a person have to be a member of Salem to participate in “Salem Connect”?
No.  Salem Connect is open to anyone.
2. Are these Bible studies led by the pastor, or by someone else?
The Bible studies may be led by the pastor, but generally are not.  Those who facilitate discussion are qualified to do so, and all Salem Connect groups fall under the oversight of the pastor and elected leaders.  Questions may arise that the group facilitator directs to the pastor for follow-up.
3. Is there a limit to the number of participants in the various groups?
Depends.  For Connect Men and Connect Women, there is a limit of 12 participants, to accomodate a small group setting.  Connect Seniors is not limited.
4.  Do I need to register to participate?
Yes! Please register to reserve your spot, especially for Connect Men and Connect Women, since these groups are limited to 12 participants.  Registration is open prior to each session (fall, winter, etc.).
5. How do I register?
Look for a signup sheet at church, or go to and look for “Salem Connect”
6. Is there a cost involved?
Depending on the class, there may be a cost for the book being used for the study.
7. Who provides the food when that is part of the gathering?
Participants of each group are invited to take a turn providing food if that is part of the gathering.